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What to wear for professional headshots - Females


We want you to look your very best. Having met and photographed over a thousand amazing women, we can safely say that we have a formula that works.


Below are our headshot tips that will really help you stand out in your headshot. We want you to look your very best in your professional headshot and this will answer the famous question “What should I wear for my headshot session?”


Our Recommended Guideline for what you should wear:

Wardrobe Selection:

Solid Colors – Solid colors are the best for headshots. Patterns will take attention away from your face. For professional headshots, the person viewing the headshot needs to be drawn into the face and not get distracted by outfit choices. We find that solid colors work best do justice to your headshot.

Transparent Tops – When selecting your clothing for your headshot session, make sure to try the tops on the day before. It’s important that your undergarments are not seen through your top in your headshot photography. We would recommend wearing a jacket or blazer over this.

Using a business jacket or a coat will give you a more corporate / business look. We capture headshots with and without a blazer, giving you the choice to have both. Your headshot has a purpose so we would recommend that you be ready to own that headshot!


Hair and Makeup:

We recommend keeping your hair and makeup natural and polished to ensure your features shine in the headshot. Avoid heavy makeup or dramatic hairstyles that may overshadow your natural beauty. We highly recommend using our hair and makeup artist. She has years of experience with headshot photography makeup and hair styling. A professional makeup artist can make a huge difference.

Avoid getting a haircut the same day or the day before the photoshoot. Most haircuts need a couple days to settle.

Apply only oil-free moisturizer and an eye cream prior to your session.


Stay hydrated:


Drink plenty we of water the week of your headshot. Skin keeps our body and skin happy and hydrated. Try to avoid sugary or pop drinks as this does not help your skin.




You want to look rested, confident and amazing in your headshot. Try to go to bed earlier the day before your headshot as this really helps.




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