A professional Headshot is like an online interview with an unknown audience where you don't have the opportunity to say anything. This first impression will leave your viewer with a perception of you that is almost guaranteed to help your career, land you a better job or even get you that dream client. It’s a fact that people will actually look at your headshot first before viewing your accolades. We all Google what someone looks like before or even after our first interaction with them. What does your headshot say about you? 


                                                                                         You have SEVEN SECONDS to create a great first impression!


During your headshot session, I will provide you with professional facial expression coaching and guidance to bring out your confidence, approachability and professionalism. All of these are key factors in you leaving with a premium quality headshot that will compliment your profile and get you noticed.

CEO Headshot Headshot Photographer NYC
CEO Headshot Photographer NYC
C-Suite Headshot Photographer NYC