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Searching for a headshots photographer who will provide you with premium quality headshots? We capture headshots that make you look confident, professional and approachable. 

Our team:

Headshot Photographers NYC - Ray Singh

Headshot Photographer

Headshot Retoucher

With over 15 years of photography experience Ray’s love for photography began in 2008 when he was introduced to a camera by his best friend, Shaun Naidoo. Thanks to that introduction, Ray founded Headshot Specialist, a company that specializes in professional headshot photography. Located in New York City, Headshots Photographer - Ray Singh captures premium quality corporate headshots for individuals and companies who want to stand out from the crowd. Ray is also the Co-Founder of Dynamic Portraits NYC - A company that specializes in high end portraits. Ray was born and raised in South Africa, relocated to the UK in 2005 and then to New York in 2012. With work experience across three continents and having met people met so many amazing people, Ray always strives to make each person realize just how amazing they are. Matthew 19:26 "For with man this is impossible but with God, all things are possible" ​

Headshot Photographer

Headshot Retoucher

Alan Radom is an award winning still life photographer who specializes in creating visually rich images. In addition, he is a seasoned, award winning retoucher. Alan's ability to light reflective surfaces and his retouching mastery is what makes his images sought after. Most importantly, Alan embraces collaboration with clients and is a genuine team player. Alan is also the Co-Founder of Dynamic Portraits NYC - A company that specializes in high end portraits.

Headshot Photographers NYC - Headshot Specialist

Headshot Photographer

Makeup Artist

Jebbel has over eight years of experience in the world of makeup and beauty and is passionate about making each and every client feel fabulous in their own skin. Jebbel studied at the Bobbi Brown school in Soho and has worked with incredible photographers all over the country. Jebbel's true passion is makeup but over the years Jebbel has fallen in love with photography and bring a great, positive energy into sessions!

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