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  • Choose between the VIP headshot session (If you need more time for us to work together) or LinkedIn headshot session (if you know exactly what you need).

  • Pick a date and time that works for you. Follow our preparation guide which will be in your confirmation email. You can call or email me if you have any questions.

  • Capture your headshots in our NYC studio or at your location. We have a process that will make sure your headshots look amazing.

  • Use your new headshots across your network and let it do the work for you.

Professional Headshots NYC of HR Manager taken by Ray Singh - Professional Headshot photographers NYC, Headshot Specialist


"I absolutely love my headshot. Ray was really great at coaching and directing me to getting the headshot that I love."

Professional LinkedIn Headshots NYC of Avi taken by Ray Singh - Professional Headshot photographers NYC, Headshot Specialist


"Ray is the best! Exceptionally talented, an absolute pleasure to work with, reliable, patient, amiable, an excellent communicator and enjoyable to be around and work with. He has a natural gift for putting you at ease, finding your best angle and making you look better in pictures than you do in person. His work speaks for itself"

Professional LinkedIn Headshots NYC of Ashley taken by Ray Singh - Professional Headshot photographers NYC, Headshot Specialist


"Ray was very professional and a talented photographer. I look forward to calling him for future photos. Highly recommended!"

Professional Sales Headshots NYC of Fernando taken by Ray Singh - Professional Headshot photographers NYC, Headshot Specialist


"If you want an amazing headshot, you got to check out Ray.”

We encourage you read and think about this:

  • Headshot Investment: A high end headshot will lead to many great opportunities. Choosing and working with a headshot photographer who can coach and direct you, who understands how to use lighting and how to edit your headshots is extremely important. You want this investment to pay itself off.

  • Headshot Expense: Working with a photographer who does not understand how to coach and direct you to bring out your professional and confident side can be detrimental to you.  You will end up spending more than you need to and run the risk of being overlooked. We have seen clients use a cheap photographer and spend twice. Please don't make this mistake.

Our clients receive a lot of compliments on their new headshots. Many have closed more deals, increased their sales and some even got contacted for new job opportunities! We DO NOT compromise when it comes to making sure you look your very best and you shouldn't either!
A professional headshot can convey competence, confidence and approachability, which can help you make a positive first impression. It can also show that you are committed to presenting yourself in the best possible light.
As professional headshot photographers, our commitment is to provide you with facial expression coaching, direction and guidance during your session to bring out your confidence, professionalism and approachability. These are key components to you having high end headshots that will compliment your profile, get you noticed AND BEST OF ALL, FEELING LIKE A ROCKSTAR!

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