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How much are professional headshots in NYC?

This is a question some people ask when searching for a headshot photographer in NYC and today I will share my thoughts on why some headshot photographers are priced higher than others.

Think about this for a minute - If you needed major surgery and had a choice between two surgeons - a graduate or someone with many years of experience, who would you go with and why? Will their experience be important in this regard? Now take this scenario and apply it to your headshot need. Would you be willing to run the risk of possibly being overlooked because of a bad headshot? With so much uncertainty in the employment industry are you willing to take that risk?

When you hire a professional, you’re actually paying for their experience and ability to connect with you to bring out the best version of you which is captured in your headshot. Your headshot should create the element of trustworthiness, professionalism and approachability.

A seasoned headshot photographer with a portfolio of impressive work and a reputation for delivering excellent results will typically charge more than a new or less experienced photographer. An experienced headshot photographer has honed their skills over years of practice, and they know exactly how to capture the right angles, lighting, and expressions to make you look your best. They also have the technical know-how to work with various types of equipment and editing software, which is reflected in the price they charge.

Clients want a headshot that comes across as confident, approachable and professional. If your headshot looks great, there is a higher chance of people wanting to connect and possibly work or do business with you.

Your headshot is the digital version of you dressing for the role that you want? What does your headshot say?


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